What To Expect

The First Physical Therapy Appointment at IP

elan-insideA first time physical therapy patient at Integrative Physiotherapy will have an hour-long initial evaluation in order for the physical therapist to get to know their condition. The patient should be prepared to go through a review of medical history, including past injuries, surgeries, and areas of pain or soreness. The physical therapist may examine ranges of motion, gait, balance, reflexes, and perform other comprehensive tests to determine what modes of treatment would have the best outcomes. At Integrative Physiotherapy, our physical therapy treatment focuses on body mechanics – that is, how the body functions while performing basic to advanced physical activities and enhanced sports performance.

We will establish goals and expectations to meet within an individually appropriate time frame. Integrative Physiotherapy’s treatment philosophy is based upon current best evidence-based practice in conjunction with innovative new methods that will improve recovery time and prevent further injury. Our patients have referred to our physical therapy style as half Pilates and half cross-fit for all ages and abilities. Come with an open mind and a readiness to work.