Integrative Physiotherapy “integrates” a variety of treatment modes (also referred to as “modalities”) into their physical therapy approach. Strategies for treating each of their patient’s will be tailored individually.

Modalities that are most often deployed by the clinic include:


Functional Dry Needling : Dry needling  is a highly effective treatment for neuro-muscular and musculo-skeletal dysfunction. The 42408005 - young woman getting acupuncture treatment in therapy roomstrategy of dry needling is to activate and in the process reset specific neuro-muscular trigger points with the goal of improving musculo-skeletal function. It does not follow energy meridians as in traditional acupuncture in Fort Collins. Instead, dry needling focuses on natural trigger points associated with the site of injury and source of pain causing a physical discomfort. In our experience and others practicing this technique, the positive effect of traditional dry needling in Fort Collins can be dramatic, and nearly instantaneous in some case. In general, at Integrative Physiotherapy we often use dry needling as a conjunct to other standard therapies.

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Spinal Manipulation & Traction: Spinal Manipulation is a therapeutic technique that has been used for centuries to help ease pain, 36772714 - cervical manipulationrestore proper function and biomechanics to the body. It may involve squeezing, twisting, or otherwise manipulating the torso, neck, and/or limbs. Dr. Kummrow doesn’t believe in “popping” as he calls it though it may happen in a session. Gentle over-pressure and manipulation is essential to correct your postural and structural alignment. There is much current evidence that proves manipulations can increase the benefits of your physical therapy sessions depending on underlying pathology.



Trigger Point Massage Therapy: Massage therapy  offers many physical, mental, and even emotional benefits. Massage therapy can ease stress and 44607444 - extreme close up of osteopath applying pressure with thumb on female calf muscle.tension. It can help increase muscular flexibility, aid relaxation and improve sleep patterns. Massage therapy helps sooth sore muscles and is thought to assist the body’s natural ability to purge toxins. Studies have shown that massage can even help improve mood and self-esteem. Our highly experienced physical therapists will likely incorporate different forms of massage, including myofascial release and joint mobilization, into your weekly treatment schedule as an integral part of your recovery process.



Therapeutic Exercise & Personal Training: Personal training not only helps to strengthen muscles and improve balance & neuromuscular awareness, it is also aids 48404092 - gym woman doing push ups with assisting her personal traineran individual’s ability to set sensible and healthy fitness goals while recognizing personal accountability for their own progress. Personal training will teach patients how to exercise properly as they gain other benefits from their experience at Integrative Physiotherapy.  The majority of our patients will learn exercises and stretches to aid their recovery including one-on-one instruction with on-site gym equipment for performing each exercise safely and effectively. As a part of Integrative Physiotherapy’s holistic approach to wellness, the personal training component of a patient’s recovery plan may involve more than just physical exercises – therapists may recommend dietary analysis, meditation and relaxation techniques or may suggest another qualified health in-network health care practitioner to assist with herbs, supplements and medications.