Fort Collins Physical Therapy at IP

Integrative Physiotherapy LLC is centrally and conveniently located in the progressive town of Fort Collins, Colorado.  We offer a comfortable and open environment for physical therapy and wellness within the Élan Yoga & Fitness Studio.

As a patient, you will receive personalized one-on-one physical therapy and wellness instruction delivered through modalities that are designed to heal your specific injuries.  Along with creating a specialized program to improve strength and balance, other modes of healing offered by our staff include massage therapy, traditional dry needling, spinal manipulation, traction, and cranial-sacral therapy.

Our goal at IP Therapy is to educate you on your condition, formulate a plan for improving your condition, set that plan in motion, and give you the tools to keep that plan in motion.  We want you to be able to manage your pain/recovery independently!


Physical Therapy at IP is Different

Mind Body Soul Spirit et

Underlying Dr. Kummrow’s modalities for moving you towards recovery and physical wellness, is personal training as a form of physical therapy known as Kinetic Chain Rehabilitation (“kinetic” is the Latin word for motion).  Using guided imagery, Dr. Kummrow will help you gain an awareness of your movement patterns and cultivate a strong mind-body connection through one-on-one therapeutic exercise.

The foundational principle of this approach is that the human body is made up of interdependent systems.  This contrasts with the traditional view still held by many, which is that the body consists of independent systems that can be rehabilitated without recognition of the system as a whole.

Through Kinetic Chain Rehabilitation, Integrative Physiotherapy offers a fresh perspective to physical therapy and wellness.   As a part of our holistic approach, your treatment may involve dietary review, meditation and breathing techniques or referral to other qualified health care providers in our network for herbs, supplements or medications to assist in the healing process.